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The website for the Glen Ellyn Kitchen Walk was created in 2006 in a simple attempt at creating a web presence for the event. After all...yard signs don't hold much content.


The first manifestation was ssslllo00www to load, given that it's creator didn't know the first thing about graphics optimization, let alone creating a web page. But I can say that, because it was me.

The site got a makeover in 2007, but still done by me. We would've hired someone, but that costs money. Since our primary aim has been to continue donating 100% of the funds raised by ticket sales and the Silent Auction directly to Bridge Communities, we kept the site services in-house.

Knowing that we could benefit from a professional's touch, I sent an email in January, 2009, to Practical web design, an industry-standard publication (known as .net magazine in the UK, where it's published). Each month, the magazine has a /makeover feature, wherein a professional web designer gets involved with proposing a different, and better, way a website might be designed. I received an email in March, 2009, that kitchenwalk.org had been selected.

Shortly thereafter, I received an email from our designer, Samantha Warren. Now a senior designer with Twitter, she was then with Viget Labs, a Washington, DC, area web technology companies. She asked questions, we emailed back-and-forth a few times, and she came up with the design concept you see in the site today. It was published in the August, 2009, issue of practical web design. With Samantha's gracious permission, I rebuilt the site around her homepage design concept. Samantha maintains a blog which can be found here.

Thank you, Samantha, for your time, creativity, generosity and all-around nicety.

Mitch Williams
kitchenwalk.org webmaster/graphic designer and 2006-2010 event chair

Tickets purchased in advance are $25, the cost of providing housing and services for one person for one night.

Tickets purchased the day of the event are $30.

All tickets include admission to both the Kitchen Walk and the AfterWalk at Drury Design.

Get tickets here.

clicking here will take you to Bridge Communities' site to purchase tickets
visit the website of Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio
visit Bridge Communities' Website
find out more about the Baird & Warner GoodWill Network
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